The Dr. Gerald McCormick Cancer Center at Redmond is dedicated in an effort to honor the unrelenting compassion and personal commitment demonstrated by Dr. McCormick’s service to his patients and their families. The outpatient and inpatient nursing areas serve as the heart of Redmond Regional Medical Center’s Oncology Services. Nurses and staff caring for our cancer patients and their loved ones strive to model the high standard of care, empathy, kindness, and dedication exemplified by Dr. McCormick throughout his career as a medical oncologist.

Dr. Gerald McCormick, a well-respected medical oncologist, has been referenced as the “Founding Father of Oncology Care” in our community. He has served oncology patients at Redmond Regional Medical Center since the early 1980’s with a philosophy of care that earned him the 2011 TL Frist Humanitarian Award.

Dr. McCormick obtained his medical degree from the Des Moines University College of Osteopathic Medicine and continued his advanced training in medical oncology at Cook County Hospital in Chicago, Public Health Hospital in Seattle, and The University of Tennessee. He has been tirelessly working to serve cancer patients and their families for the past forty years. From writing policies, to teaching nurses oncologic principles, to sitting quietly with a patient at their bedside as they process a new cancer diagnosis or the inevitable end of their life, Dr. McCormick has truly dedicated his life to improving cancer care. In addition, Dr. McCormick pioneered our community’s first hospice program. He continues to lead a local hospice program as the medical director and coordinates a memorial service twice a year. His vision and passion for excellence in oncology has helped to lay the foundation for what is currently the Harbin Clinic Cancer Center, offering nationally accredited, top-quality cancer services.

When you and your family access The Dr. Gerald McCormick Cancer Center, you become a part of our family. Our team works very hard to assure your needs are our priority.

Inpatient Oncology Unit

Our dedicated inpatient oncology unit offers eleven large, comfortable rooms, an open nursing station to allow for easy access to nurses and staff, and an American Cancer Society Cancer Resource Center. Our oncology specialized nurses partner with our physicians, Redmond Cancer Care Nurse Navigators, other Redmond services, and community organizations to offer you the most comprehensive care. While our nurses are all highly trained in cancer care, it is their compassion that leaves a lasting impression.

Outpatient Oncology Chemotherapy and Infusion Center

Led by experienced oncology nurses, certified by the Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation®, our outpatient oncology center specializes in administering highly skilled cancer treatments. Our nurses are known for "going the extra mile" for each and every patient. With easy access and an inviting environment, the decision for care is made easy...choose Redmond.

The American Cancer Society Cancer Resource Center and Family Lounge

Redmond partners with the American Cancer Society to bring you and your family a library of cancer information and access to local and national resources. Our resource center's home-like environment encourages our families to find some quiet time or enjoy a coffee break. Our oncology volunteers staff the resource center during specific hours and work to assure our resource center meets the needs of the families we serve.