Redmond Regional Medical Center is proud to announce the opening of our Pre-operative Evaluation Unit. We specialize in the pre-operative evaluations of patients that are scheduled for same day surgery procedures.

The preoperative interview is the first introduction to a patient. This initial impression is vital to establish a relationship with the patient and remains a fundamental part of the care of the patient. Current medical trends have changed how we are able to evaluate patients preoperatively. Historically, patients were admitted the night before surgery. This allowed sufficient time for the anesthesiologist and nursing staff to establish rapport with the patient, conduct a thorough history and physical exam, assess and ensure the readiness for surgery, discuss the anesthetic plan, obtain informed consent, and educate the patient on the expected perioperative events.

The preoperative interview has been documented to reduce patient anxiety before surgery and may even decrease postoperative pain and length of hospital stay. Now, up to 70% of patients arrive at the hospital the morning of surgery. Patients are interviewed most commonly one to two weeks prior to surgery in a preoperative clinic.

The department is staffed with Registered Nurses that work closely with our Anesthesiologists.

The nurses devote individual time and attention to each patient. The Pre-operative Evaluation unit is set up to take patients by appointment either through your physician office or by calling (706) 802-3570.