Redmond Occupational Health (ROH) is committed to helping employers care for their greatest asset - their employees. ROH provides on-site health services on a full or part time basis to businesses and industries. On-site health services are customized based on your business-specific needs, goals, and regulatory requirements.

Health Professionals Program

Redmond's Occupational Health Professionals (MDs, Advanced Practice Nurses, RNs, Wellness Coaches) are supported by a highly knowledgeable and experienced team including a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner Clinical Manager; a Registered Nurse Manager Certified in Occupational Health Nursing, and a Medical Director who is Occupational Medicine Board certified. Redmond Regional Medical Center's Onsite Occupational Health Professionals have one of the most trusted health care systems behind them.

Clinic Models

  • Full Service Onsite, Near-site, or Co-Op Clinic
    • Nurse Practitioner dedicated to one facility or employer or shared by multiple employers
    • Scripting available based on selected formulary
  • Membership Buy-in to Rome Redmond Wellness Center-Prescription medication provided
    • Dedicated only to members
    • Per employee per month fee and per visit fee
    • Patient Portal
    • On-Line Scheduling
  • Direct Contract Access with Employer and Redmond Family Care Centers
    • Provides access to Redmond providers
    • Access to single or multiple Redmond facilitates
    • Employer invoiced directly
    • Typically no co-pay or deductible for employee
    • Options:
      • Per Visit Fee-includes office visit & in-house labs
      • Per Visit Fee-includes the above plus x-ray
  • Contract With Payor: Medical Insurer and Employer Initiative or Payor Funded

By having Redmond's Occupational Health Professionals onsite, employers make it clear to employees that their health and safety are priority. Other expected benefits of having a ROH onsite team include:

  • increased productivity
  • reduced absenteeism
  • reduced incidence of injuries and illnesses
  • increased health promotion and prevention
  • reduced healthcare cost
To learn more about these or other services Redmond Occupational Health can provide to transform your current program, call (706) 290-8012.