Thoracic Navigational Bronchoscopy

Redmond Regional Medical Center is one of the first hospitals to acquire Veran’s Thoracic Navigation System and leads the way in offering patients the most current technology available to help diagnose lung cancer. SPiNView® Thoracic Navigation System by Veran Medical Technologies aids physicians in the early detection of lung cancer. Early diagnosis of lung cancer leads to better outcomes and saves lives.

This state of the art procedure performed by Pulmonologists at Redmond Regional Medical Center offers patients cutting edge diagnostic technology close to home.

The electromagnetic navigation system uses trackable instruments with embedded sensors that are guided to the lung lesion using GPS technology, similar to that in automobiles. Standard CT images of the lung create a “route” to the lesion, allowing physicians to easily biopsy and place markers for planned treatment. As a result, physicians can navigate to and biopsy lesions located deep in the lungs using a minimally-invasive approach.

Prior to this new technology, smaller or deeper lung lesions were managed by “watching” them with repeat imaging scans or proceeding to higher-risk surgical procedures. With no incision necessary and minimal discomfort for the patient, this new procedure can be an alternative to these previous methods. Eligibility for this procedure will be determined by a lung specialist upon evaluation of your individual case.