Our Nurse Practitioner Lung Navigator, Lisa Acree, partners with your primary care physician and multi-specialty physicians to guide you through our Comprehensive Lung Program. Beginning with risk identification and screening, the Lung Navigator ensures the management of your care is efficient, compassionate, individualized, and meets evidence based national guidelines. You have Redmond’s unconditional promise you will have full access to information, options, services, resources and research protocols and you will, at all times, be an active and informed participant in all aspects of your lung care.

In collaboration with thoracic radiology and pulmonology and in partnership with your primary care physician, the Lung Navigator manages our Lung Screening and Lung Nodule programs at Redmond. When necessary, cases may be discussed at Harbin Clinic’s Multidisciplinary Lung Conference, positioning the patient at the center of a diverse team of specialists, each with a deep understanding of an essential medical discipline and devoted to sharing insights and observations with one another so that your care is planned to achieve the best possible outcome.

Whether you are seeking Lung Screening, management of a new lung finding, or a new lung cancer is found, our Lung Navigator tailors your plan with our expert team, educates and provides resources, and ensures continuity of care from the day you arrive in our facility through long term follow up. Throughout your program experience, ongoing, long-term communication is maintained with your primary care physician.

Our Lung Navigator will walk you through your journey, every step of the way. Appointments and consults with the Navigator are offered at no charge and are available to you and your support persons Monday - Friday during business hours. We are committed to the fight against lung cancer and strive to provide you with any needed resources if cancer is found.