Redmond’s Lung Nodule Clinic

Lung nodules, tiny masses in your lungs, found on CT scans have many causes and are not necessarily cancerous. The Redmond Lung Clinic’s team works to provide you with the right diagnosis for any unexpected lung nodules. In partnership with your primary care physician, our clinic’s expert team, including pulmonologists, thoracic radiologists, and Redmond’s Lung Navigator Nurse Practitioner, Lisa Acree, MSN, ANP-BC, strives to ensure timely management of your lung nodule, ongoing monitoring, and supportive care. Admission to the clinic is based on an individual’s clinical evaluation, cancer risk profile, and imaging results. These elements guide our experienced team in generating individualized, evidence-based recommendations on how best to monitor, evaluate, and treat each pulmonary nodule. While most small lung nodules found on screening have a low chance of being cancer, early detection of lung cancer has the potential to save lives.

What Are the Benefits of Redmond’s Lung Nodule Clinic if I Have a Lung Nodule That Requires Following?

  • Ongoing contact by our Nurse Practitioner Lung Navigator throughout the management of your lung nodule, including management of all visits, scans, and potential procedures for follow up and diagnosis.
  • Customized patient and family education, with individualized supportive care.
  • Diagnostic and treatment recommendations for your lung finding are determined by multiple physician specialties, including Pulmonologists and Thoracic Radiologists. If appropriate, your physician care team will carefully determine if further testing is required, such as electromagnetic navigational bronchoscopy (ENB), endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS), or other imaged guided biopsies.
  • Your initial plan of care will be communicated in a timely manner with your Primary Care Physician with ongoing communication from the Lung Nodule Clinic throughout your follow up care.
  • Evaluation, diagnosis and recommendations are guided by the American College of Chest Physicians Guidelines (ACCP).
  • Our commitment to you is efficient management of your lung finding, followed by prompt diagnosis and treatment when recommended. Successful treatment and a positive outcome are our mission!