Physicians at Redmond

If you are admitted to Redmond Regional Medical Center, there's a good chance that the physician who cares for you during your hospitalization will be a Hospitalist. Hospitalists are physicians responsible for managing patient care and treatment on a daily basis from the time a patient is admitted to the hospital until they are discharged. Hospitalist physicians are specially trained to meet your needs in the hospital. They spend their days in the hospital so any urgent needs can be addressed in a timely fashion.

What is a hospitalist?

Unlike your family doctor, hospitalists do not see patients in a clinic, instead choosing to devote themselves to seeing patients in the hospital full time. The Hospitalist Service is valuable because patients often go an office appointment and are delayed because their physician is at the hospital to see a patient. In other instances a hospitalized patient's care or discharge could be delayed while waiting for the physician to be able to come to the hospital. The hospitalist service helps patients have consistent care at the office and the hospital.

All of the hospitalists at Redmond Regional specialize in Internal or Family Medicine. Because they work as a team, you may see more than one during your hospital stay. They are happy to answer your questions regarding your plan of care.

While in the hospital, you may ask your nurse to contact the hospitalist 24 hours-a-day for any issues. After discharge you should contact your primary care physician or the physician recommended to you by the hospitalist.