Why Use Navigation?

At Redmond, we understand that managing a new cancer diagnosis and the necessary treatment many leave you feeling overwhelmed. Our nurse navigators will guide you through your hospital experience and beyond with support, education, and resources. Through ongoing communication and collaboration with you and your healthcare providers, navigators strive to provide a seamless transition when hospital services are necessary. Our vision is to provide you and your family with high quality, compassionate cancer care. This optional, free nurse navigation service is our best effort to make this vision your reality.

Our Navigators

Redmond’s Cancer Care Nurse Navigators each have over 20 years of clinical practice experience in oncology and maintain certification through the Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation®. Our nurse navigators are highly respected by our community’s oncology medical team and work closely with Redmond’s social workers, case managers, clinical navigators, pharmacists, dietitians, rehabilitative team, chaplain services, and many local cancer support programs and resources. Our nurse navigators strive to assure your best interest is in the center of the entire cancer team.

What to Expect from Redmond’s Nurse Navigators

Our nurse navigators will:

  • Individually assess your needs using research-based tools.
  • Identify any barriers to care and offer to connect you to the best resources and support.
  • Work in partnership with Redmond’s social workers, case managers, and clinical navigators.
  • Collaborate with local cancer support organizations to maximize your care network.
  • Provide education about your disease process and reinforce the treatment options prescribed by your physicians.
  • Facilitate communication with your healthcare team.
  • Streamline appointments and necessary paperwork.
  • Assure your financial, transportation, and medication needs are addressed.
  • Listen when you need to be heard.

How to Contact Redmond’s Cancer Care Nurse Navigators

Our nurse navigators are available to provide support to our patients and physicians. Please call (706) 368-8828 to learn more about this valuable, free service. Services will be provided in a nondiscriminatory manner without regards to age, race, gender, national origin or disability.