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Welcome From Our Program Director

Brian Keefe, Program Director

Thank you for your interest in our program: our Internal Medicine Residency offers a program with an outstanding faculty, hospital, and clinics, a pathway carefully designed to graduate an outstanding internist, ready to step into a career in out patient and inpatient internal medicine, or pursue further subspecialty training with a fellowship.

We believe that the first requirement of excellence in medical care is an outstanding physician. Our program takes advantage of a faculty with a broad range of experience in outpatient and inpatient medicine, graduate medical education, and active involvement in teaching at the bedside, in the clinics, and in the lecture halls. Our excellent major teaching institution, Redmond Regional Medical Center—one of Georgia’s best community hospitals—provides the major focus of our general medicine and sub-specialty rotations, offering an outstanding experience in practicing cutting edge medical care under the careful supervision of our faculty. One of our strengths is the broad range of the services we offer, made possible with our faculty including many of the sub-specialists of the Harbin Clinic, the largest private medical group in Georgia.

We are affiliated with the Medical College of Georgia and the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, and our educational services our strengthened by a broad array of teaching resources provided by our associated medical schools; we also have the extensive academic resources provided by HCA Healthcare’s Graduate Medical Education programs, the largest in the nation. With these offerings, we expect and require that all our residents are actively involved in producing original work in quality improvement and research projects within our institutions, belonging and contributing to hospital committees, collaborating in improving medical care; we provide the opportunities to present such work at local, regional, and national academic conferences.

Our program is dedicated to educating a physician distinguished by excellence in the fundamentals of medical care: firstly becoming an outstanding practitioner in taking a history and performing a physical examination. We believe in William Osler’s dictum: listen to the patient, they will tell you the diagnosis. Our training emphasizes the critical importance of clear and accurate oral and written communications, and mastery of the electronic medical record.

We take pride in our residents, and are dedicated to their professional development and personal health and wellness. We offer a robust and varied curriculum, extensive wellness program and broad-ranging mentorship with primary care and sub-specialty physicians focused on the wellness and professional development of our residents. Our academic programs are innovative, using New England Journal of Medicine Knowledge+ and American College of Medicine’s MKSAP to educate and test our progress, permitting rapid focusing of educational efforts to areas of need with efficient allocation of residents’ precious time.

We can promise you that entrance into our Internal Medicine program will provide you the challenging but fulfilling pathway to graduation as the outstanding internist you have chosen to become.


Brian Keefe

Internal Medicine Program Director