Get to Know Barb

Barbara Rees, RN MSN Ph. D (or “Barb” as she’s know at Redmond) is dedicated to life-long learning, professional growth, and mentoring. Redmond CEO John Quinlivan remarked, “Barb is the picture of woman who loves education and educating. She loves nursing and gives her all to that profession.”

Barb graduated from Ohio State University with her BSN in 1968. Two years later, she joined the staff of Riverside Methodist School of Nursing as an instructor. When Barb and her husband moved to Atlanta in 1972, she got a teaching position at Georgia Baptist School of Nursing.

After moving to Rome in 1976, Barb obtained her MSN from Georgia State University and soon secured a position as an instructor at Floyd Junior College (now Georgia Highlands College). In 1980, Barb also started working part-time at Redmond. She served nearly 30 years in this dual role of college instructor and bedside nurse.

During this time, Barb was also dedicated to her family at home. She was supportive of her husband as he built is optometry practice in a new city and raised four children — three of whom now have careers as healthcare providers.

Through all of this, Barb still found time to again go back to school for another advanced degree. In 1996, Barb completed her Doctorate of Nursing degree. In 2012, after retiring from academia, Barb transitioned from her PRN position at Redmond to a full-time position.

A Heart for Nurses

Even though Barb no long holds the official title of “instructor” she continues to instruct, assist, and mentor both nursing students and new nurses. Barb instills confidence in new graduate nurses both during and after their orientation.

Barb especially takes an interest in mentoring new graduates through passing their nursing boards. She volunteers to tutor them on her days off, loans them text books, gives them sample test questions to study, and donates hours of her free time. With her years of experience being a nurse instructor, Barb shares her wealth of knowledge.

Equally impressive is her kind spirit. Through all of her mentoring and encouragement, there is never a hint of judgement, superiority, or disappointment from Barb. She genuinely wants to see prospective nurses achieve their dream of becoming registered nurses. She is a life saver for these new graduates, and her wealth of knowledge can’t be overstated.

Co-worker, Mentor, and Friend

In her 35 years at Redmond, Barb has always been and says that she will continue to provide direct nursing care for patients at the bedside. She is known throughout Redmond as an all-around great nurse and coworker who provides comprehensive, compassionate care.

During her time as an instructor, Barb mentored well over 3,700 nursing students. Many of these students are nurses at Redmond. Telena Cole, RN and Cardio Thoracic Surgery Clinical Navigator at Redmond has known Barb for 25 years, first as her nursing instructor and now as her co-worker and friend. “I often tell new nurses to find a good mentor to help them navigate through the period from new graduate to registered nurse to experienced nurse,” Telena shared. “Barb is one of those experienced nurses that is truly a mentor to others.”