Lorenzo didn't experience your typical heart attack symptoms. His arm never went numb. He didn't have the sweats. He didn't even have typical chest pain.

As the head coach of the women's soccer team at Berry College, Lorenzo thought he'd pulled a chest muscle unloading soccer equipment. But he knew something was wrong when he woke up in the middle of the night, unable to catch his breath. As a nurse, his wife told him that he needed to go to the ER at Redmond immediately.

Lorenzo was a bit overwhelmed at how quickly the ER team responded. After walking into the ER, he said it felt like 15 minutes later that he was lying in the cath lab, able to see his heart on the screen above him. And watch as Redmond's heart team cleared the blockage, restoring blood flow in his heart.

He was blindsided by the event, considering he had no family history of heart disease and spends his time outdoors coaching soccer.

This experience was his wake up call. Now, he's wide awake and proud to celebrate his 43rd wedding anniversary!