Redmond Regional Medical Center
September 17, 2017

Redmond Regional Medical Center supported the hurricane relief efforts of Rome’s local community group, RomeGACares. RomeGACares is a team of volunteers sponsored by the Floyd Count Sheriff’s Department. The group recently collected truckloads of items from throughout the Rome community to support their hurricane relief trips to both Texas and Florida.

To thank and support these local volunteers, members of Redmond’s Admin Team brought lunch to the RomeGACares team right before the team left for Florida. The Redmond team also provide clothing for the relief team members as well as for those affected by the storm.

In addition to supporting the relief efforts happening in other states, Rome was also a haven for many Florida evacuees temporarily displaced by Hurricane Irma. One of the Florida families who evacuated to Rome shared their experience and thanks in a “letter to the editor” of the Rome News Tribune. Their letter specifically thanked the Emergency Room staff at Redmond. Follow the link to read the family’s “letter to the editor” and hear the role that Redmond’s Emergency Room played in their Rome experience.

Read it here

Redmond’s Chief Nursing Officer, Stephanie Jones along with Redmond’s Chief Operating Officer, Brad Stockton delivered lunch and clothing for the RomeGaCares team.