Redmond Regional Medical Center recently participated in a community-wide emergency preparedness drill. Redmond worked in conjunction with other area healthcare entities as well as first responders from law enforcement and the fire department. The mock scenario incident began at State Mutual Stadium. As the drill unfolded, mock "victims" were transported to Redmond via ambulance as well as air-ambulance (helicopter). Redmond's emergency preparedness team activated the hospital's on-site "command center" to properly manage the response at the hospital. Following the drill, the team at Redmond reviewed the effectiveness of the hospital response. Redmond also participated in the county "command center" activation and evaluation. Redmond participates in both hospital-specific and community-wide emergency preparedness drills throughout the year to ensure all hospital departments are ever ready to care for the community in the event of an actual incident. The drills also serve as an opportunity for Redmond's emergency preparedness team to evaluate for opportunities enhance response action.

View photos of Redmond's role in the drill as featured on the front page of the Rome News Tibune