Rome, GA; October 28, 2016— Redmond Regional Medical Center’s Occupational Health Program celebrated a milestone 20th anniversary of business partnerships and community relations. In recognition of their 20th anniversary, Redmond Occupational Health hosted a luncheon featuring current and former program leaders as well as current business and industry partners. In addition to the luncheon, Redmond Occupational Health hosted their annual employer seminar. This annual seminar featured local, regional, and state-level expert speakers providing relevant educational information to the business and industry partners of Redmond Occupational Health.


Redmond Occupational Health, in partnership with Redmond Family Care Centers, Occupational Medicine Center, and Emergency Services, has been serving the needs of employers and injured workers in Northwest Georgia since 1996. Over the past 20 years, employers have benefitted from these partnerships through education and resources as well as through onsite care for their employees.  Redmond Occupational Health provides this onsite care in a variety of ways, focusing on providing quality care that can reduce onsite injuries, decrease lost time at work, and enhance comprehensive health coaching to lower one’s health risk.

“Through the years, we’ve experienced incredible growth in our onsite programs,” said Teresa Fagan, Director of Redmond Occupational Health.  “Our occupational health program is the most comprehensive in Northwest Georgia and the vast number of programs we offer is a direct result of the needs requested by our clients.  The difference in Redmond’s Occupational Health program is our focus on making a difference in the lives of the employees and their families where we serve.  The quality of service and commitment to our business and industry partners is demonstrated in our 20 years of success.”

The employer seminar hosted by Redmond Occupational Health presented information and guidelines on relevant topics within the workplace. This annual seminar provides employers with access to the latest trends in healthy work environments and tips for cultivating these environments. Additionally, the seminar provides an opportunity for networking with other employers and business leaders who are often separated by location.  Key speakers at this year’s seminar included John Quinlivan, Chief Executive Officer at Redmond Regional Medical Center; John Bringuel, director of the State Council on Drugs and Alcohol Project; Sam Giles, safety manager at Hon Company, and Thomas Eden, partner at Constangy, Brooks, Smith & Prophete, LLP. Special guests included Dr. Ed Meier, Medical Director of Redmond Occupational Health, and Danny Smith, retired Chief Financial Officer of Redmond Regional Medical Center.  

Redmond Occupational Health offers a comprehensive array of services along with a personalized approach to care for employees, including: Workers’ Comp Network Services & Injury Management, Pre-Hire, DOT Physicals & Testing, Substance Abuse Testing, Wellness & Screening Programs, Occupational, Environmental & Regulatory Services, Work-Site Response Program and On-Site, Near-Site & Co-Op Clinics. Redmond Occupational Health is focused on providing quality care and excellent customer service while reducing overall health benefit costs. For more information, or to speak with the staff, call (706) 290-8003.