Rome, GA - Redmond Regional Medical Center announces the recipients of the hospital’s prestigious HCA Awards of Distinction, the highest honors bestowed upon employees, physicians and volunteers at the facility. The recipients of the Frist Humanitarian Awards are: Dr. Ryan Stanger, Team Health Anesthesiologist – Physician Recipient; Marsha Colwell, Redmond Vice President of Cardiovascular Services – Employee Recipient; and William James, Redmond Oncology Department Volunteer – Volunteer Recipient. Recipients of the Excellence in Nursing Awards are: Mel McCary, RN BSN Redmond OR Director – Compassionate Care Recipient; and Barbara Reece, RN DN Redmond Cardiovascular Services Floor - Professional Mentoring Recipient. HCA (Hospital Corporation of America) is the parent company of Redmond Regional Medical Center.

The Frist Humanitarian Awards are given annually in recognition of the humanitarian spirit and philanthropic work of the late Dr. Thomas Frist, Sr., a founder of HCA. Each year, one physician, one employee, and one volunteer from Redmond are recognized for their dedication to the welfare and happiness of patients and their community. Adding to these awards of distinction are the Excellence in Nursing Awards which recognize the intrinsic value of nursing practice in accomplishing the company mission of providing the highest quality of care to the patients and communities we serve. These awards are the highest honors given to an employee, nurse, volunteer, and physician at HCA.

Frist Physician Recipient Dr. Ryan Stanger embodies those unique qualities of courage, honor, faith and love. Dr. Stanger is regarded by his peers as an extremely talented physician both technically and medically. His poise and strength as a physician began with a challenging childhood within a single parent household and losing his father early in life. Dr. Stanger assumed the role of teacher and mentor to his younger brother, Brett and assisted his mother in caring for his grandmother. His academic course was non-linear and offered many challenges both emotional and economic, but his courage, discipline and stubbornness carried the day. Dr. Stanger goes beyond the usual and customary to help patients and their families understand the risks, benefits, and alternatives to a given procedure. He is consistently motivated by what is RIGHT, not what is expeditious or convenient. In addition to his clinical skills and medical talents, Dr. Stanger without compensation or even the consideration of compensation, mentors medical students at Redmond on the career/work balance. Additionally, Dr. Stanger is an elder in the Presbyterian Church where he leads several bible studies and mentors his group in Christ’s dictums and works to advance his students in the tenets of their Christian faith. In fact, he and his wife, Caroline stepped out in faith to adopt two children from economic hardship and welcomed them into their home and family; asking his two children to welcome and embrace their new sisters. Dr. Stanger is a compassionate, hard-working doctor who strives to bring the best to his patients, their families, his professional colleagues, and the community at large.

Frist Employee Recipient Marsha Colwell is known for her humbleness, kindness, compassion, and honesty. Marsha is synonymous with cardiac services at Redmond. She has dedicated her 40 year career to ensuring that Redmond performs at the highest standard of quality care as the premier heart program in Northwest Georgia. It’s through Marsha’s efforts that so many “firsts” in cardiac care for Northwest Georgia were achieved at Redmond. Marsha’s dedication to excellence in cardiac services has earned her the admiration and respect of physicians and all those who have worked alongside her. Her motivation for excellence is not driven by the job. Rather, she is driven by her concern for the health and well-being of people throughout our community. To that end, Marsha has served as a mentor and clinical resource for other hospitals working to launch their own cardiac services programs. Marsha’s generosity and care for others is also evident in her community involvement. At First Baptist Church she has served as Chairperson of the Deacons. She participates yearly in the ‘Angel Tree’ which provides Christmas gifts for underprivileged families. She was also instrumental in chartering a new Sunday School Class for new members. In previous years, she has donated monthly meals to the Davies Women’s Shelter. It is hard to know the full extent of Marsha’s philanthropic work due to her humble nature. But her spirit of kindness is noticed by everyone she encounters.

Frist Volunteer Recipient William James’ passion for Redmond patients and families facing cancer originates in a very personal story. Very much like Dr. Frist, William’s journey began with the tragic passing of his father. It is so apparent that William’s interactions with patients at Redmond and their children come from this special place in his heart. A family need at Redmond is always met with prompt and compassionate action. There is never a time when William is too busy or too tired to respond with concern to a cancer related family. The ripple effect of a cancer diagnosis and its arduous journey can have devastating effects on future generations. William understands that the entire family experiences a cancer diagnosis. Whether it is the parent, grandparent, or siblings facing the disease, the children in the family are often the silent victims. William is the founder and Executive Director of Summit Quest, a non-profit organization rapidly gaining support and engagement from our community in the past several years. With a wife and two young twin boys, a full-time job, and recently completing a college degree, William is a blur of endless energy for those devastated by cancer. He doesn’t understand why everyone is not “on fire” to serve these families. The positive change he’s made in families on Redmond’s oncology unit and in the community is difficult to adequately put into words. William has dedicated his life to serving those impacted by cancer.

Redmond’s Operating Room Director, Mel McCary is the Excellence in Nursing Award for Compassionate Care recipient. Mel is the epitome of an un-sung hero, quietly working behind the scenes in expressing her generosity towards others. Mel avoids the spotlight and recognition, so her compassionate care for those in need most often goes un-seen by the masses. What is most often seen by others is her dedication to her staff and her tireless work to provide the highest quality care for patients in the operating room. Even on the very rare occasion of a holiday, Mel has taken care of a need in her department – when she was half way around the world. Because Mel avoids the spotlight, most of her compassionate deeds are known only by those who are the recipients of her kindness and generosity. One of her acts of compassion was to help a co-worker whom she learned had no place to sleep. The individual had slept in their car the night before during very cold weather. On her own time, Mel reached out and worked with the Chaplain to make sure that the 18 year old had a warm place to sleep from that point forward. For this and so many other acts of quiet compassion, Mel McCary received the Compassionate Care Award.

Professional Mentoring recipient Barbara Reece has been a nurse since 1978 and has worked at Redmond for nearly thirty years. She has her Doctorate in Nursing and has been a tremendous influence on the nursing staff at Redmond in her roles as educator, preceptor, and charge nurse. Barbara is known by her peers as an excellent nurse with a “can do” attitude and extensive knowledge base who takes time to mentor others. She instills confidence in new graduate nurses both during and after their orientation. Additionally, Barbara takes an interest in mentoring new graduates through passing their nursing boards. She volunteers to tutor them on her days off, loans them text books, gives them sample test questions to study, and donates hours of her free time. Through all of her mentoring and encouragement, there is never a hint of judgement, superiority, or disappointment from Barbara. She genuinely wants to see prospective nurses achieve their dream of becoming registered nurses. She is a life saver for these new graduates, and her wealth of knowledge can’t be overstated. Barbara is known throughout Redmond as an all-around great nurse and coworker who provides comprehensive, compassionate care.

“We are driven by a single mission: the care and improvement of human life. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional, patient-focused care and are proud to recognize the wonderful people who make that possible,”

“We are driven by a single mission: the care and improvement of human life. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional, patient-focused care and are proud to recognize the wonderful people who make that possible,” said John Quinlivan, Chief Executive Officer at Redmond Regional Medical Center. “We are pleased to honor Dr. Ryan Stanger, Marsha Colwell, William James, Mel McCary, and Barbara Reece with the HCA Awards of Distinction for their efforts in serving our patients and our community. Their exemplary work and compassion sets a high standard for healthcare professionals all over the nation."

These caring and talented individuals now will be considered for HCA’s division-level awards. The division-level winners are entered into the judging for the national-level awards which are presented during a special ceremony at the HCA headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee.