Redmond Regional Medical Center has unveiled a new 3T MRI suite, the first and only one of its kind in the region. Redmond’s 3T MRI produces images with impeccable clarity and allows for detection of more difficult to diagnose conditions. This nearly $3 million investment is yet another example of Redmond’s commitment to providing the citizens of Northwest Georgia and Northeast Alabama with high-quality healthcare. Additionally, the suite is focused on providing patients with an enhanced experience. Every aspect of the 3T MRI suite was designed to reduce anxiety and help patients be more at ease. The 3T MRI features a wider opening than a standard MRI to help individuals adjust to the surroundings. Additional benefits include customizable room lighting (changing both color and intensity) and a high-definition monitor mounted in the ceiling. This monitor can display visual and audio pre-set scenarios such as a rain forest or coral reef. Or, the monitor can be synced to a mobile device to play a patient’s favorite music or movie. The new 3T MRI at Redmond is designed to provide high-quality care in an environment focused on patient experience.

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