Chris French and Carla Pierson, Co-Chairs of Redmond's 2017 Giving Heart Campaign.

Rome, Georgia — Redmond Regional Medical Center employees gave back to the community by participating in the hospital's month-long campaign of charitable giving, the Giving Heart Campaign. Throughout the month of October, employees led an organized campaign of financial giving to non-profit organizations of their choosing. Employees were able to make a one-time donation or set up an automatic withdrawal from their paycheck. Through the leadership of this year's campaign co-chairs, Chris French and Carla Pierson, over 600 employees participated in the campaign and raised a total of over $120,000.

For over 25 years, Redmond employees have celebrated a month-long campaign of charitable giving during the month of October. Throughout the years, this campaign has focused on giving back to the local community. In 2015, the campaign name changed to the Giving Heart Campaign to acknowledge Redmond's commitment heart care as well as caring for the community. "As a newer member of the Redmond Family, I had never experienced the Giving Heart Campaign before," said campaign co-chair Chris French. "I now see why the name is so fitting. At Redmond, there is an amazing culture of giving and of giving back to the community that we serve."

The campaign kicked off in early October with an employee picnic. Representatives from a few of the local non-profit agencies were on hand to provide information to employees and to answer questions about their respective organizations. "There are so many great organizations in our community and it was a pleasure to meet even a few of them," said campaign co-chair Carla Pierson. "There are also many needs in our community, and these agencies need our support in order to meet those needs. I am so impressed with the willingness to support and to give shown by my co-workers."

Through the Giving Heart Campaign, employees donated money to more than 40 different non-profit organizations, both local and national. Employees were able to choose the specific non-profit organizations they wanted to support. A few of the many local non-profit organizations chosen by employees include The Faith and Deeds Clinic, The Salvation Army, The Sweet Cocoon, Open Door Home, Boy Scouts, and Summit Quest.

To make an even greater impact, Redmond's parent company, Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) once again contributed to this local campaign. For every eligible employee donation between $250 and $500, HCA matches the donation to the employee's chosen charity. Funds from this matching program, combined with the charitable donations of the employees, helped Redmond raise a total of over $120,000. "There has always been a culture of giving at Redmond," said Chief Executive Officer John Quinlivan. "It is especially important to us to give back to the communities we serve. Whether we are helping our friends and neighbors through a time of need or helping a family we've never met, I am inspired by the generosity of our employees. I am incredibly proud of our team and of our campaign co-chairs for their dedication to making this year's campaign such a success."