Rome, GA - Redmond Regional Medical Center announces that John Wagner, RN - 4th Floor Extension, is the fourth quarter recipient of The DAISY Award at Redmond Regional Medical Center. The DAISY Foundation™ is a 501(c)3 organization established in memory of J. Patrick Barnes. The DAISY Foundation™ recognizes nurses for examples of extraordinary care through the presentation of The DAISY Award. Redmond has partnered with The DAISY Foundation™ to recognize our nurses each quarter with The DAISY Award.

Redmond’s DAISY Award recipient for 4th Quarter 2016 is John Wagner. A registered nurse in the Sidney A. Bell Joint Center at Redmond, Wagner received multiple nominations from both patients and families. Wagner’s dedication to patient care is demonstrated in the following excerpts from his nomination: “He came in each day bubbly and happy.” “He listened attentively to my mother’s needs. He explained in detail the medications that he was giving her and why.” “He moved with a sense of urgency.” “Each day it seemed that he had a trainee or student with him and his patience in teaching was awesome to witness. So was his skillset!” “Whatever we asked for, whatever the need, he took care of us. Thank you for all that you did for us.”

For Stephanie Jones, Chief Nursing Officer at Redmond, hearing the stories of outstanding care provided by fellow Redmond nurses is inspiring. “I find it truly rewarding to have the opportunity to participate in the DAISY Award process,” said Jones. “Our nurses go the extra mile each and every shift and I humbled to hear all of their incredible stories of the care and compassion they provide our patients. I am so very proud of our dedicated team of nurses and our culture of caring. This embodies the mission of the DAISY Award. It is truly evident that our nurses take our mission statement to heart in everything they do: ‘Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life."

Redmond’s DAISY Award selection committee reviewed numerous nomination forms received during the fourth quarter of 2016. Nominations were submitted by patients, families, visitors, and co-workers. Each nomination contained specific examples of exemplary care provided by nurses at Redmond. In recognition of the volume of outstanding nominations, Redmond’s DAISY Award committee also named fourteen Honorable Mention Awards in addition to John Wagner, the overall DAISY Award recipient. Those receiving Honorable Mentions are: Rhonda Banks, RN –4th Extension; Jimmy Benefield, RN—3rd floor; Dana Ellis, RN—4th Extension; Briar Evans, RN—4th floor; Gina Gaines, RN—ODU/Infusions/Outpatient; Erika Gentry, RN—ICU West; April Hearn, RN—2nd floor; Palmer Maglanowski, RN—ICU; Whitney Mills, RN—ICU; Robin Rice, RN—Cardiac Rehab; Caroline Smith, RN—PACU; Katie Beth Whacker, RN—3rd floor; Bonnie Kathleen Wingate, RN—4th Extension; and Rose Zehr, RN—4th Floor.

DAISY Award recipients are presented a small sculpture, The Healer’s Touch, that symbolizes the strong relationship among nurses, patients, and families. Each sculpture is made by a tribe in Zimbabwe. This tribe is solely self-supported by making these sculptures for the DAISY Foundation™. Each one is hand-carved and unique. The Healer’s Touch, shared by this tribe, is very meaningful to Mark and Bonnie Barnes, as it personally symbolizes to them the compassion that was shown their beloved son Patrick. For this reason, Mark and Bonnie Barnes chose this particular sculpture to present to each DAISY winner—to remind them of their own healing touch.