Advance Rehabilitation and Redmond Regional Medical Center have formed a new alliance in the sports medicine service line. The partnership aligns certified athletic trainers, physicians and emergency personnel while streamlining overall communications between the organizations. Sports medicine patients will now have access to a more comprehensive care plan increasing the speed of diagnosis and treatment timelines. Advance Rehab and Redmond Regional will continue to provide separate and independent rehabilitation clinics through the northwest Georgia area.

As an expansion of the existing Advance Rehabilitation sports medicine program, the new program will offer the availability of Redmond EMS first aid and emergency care coverage at all partner school football games. It will also prevent duplications of tests, questions and efforts in the event an athlete requires further treatment in a medical setting.

“This new partnership will allow us to offer a sports medicine program that can leverage tremendous resources to serve athletes, parents, schools and the participating medical community,” says Keith Thompson, Partner with Advance Rehab. “We are very excited to have the opportunity to take an already successful and long standing sports medicine program in the area to the next level.”

Carlton Ulmer, Redmond COO, comments, “With the alignment of EMS, emergency department staff and orthopaedic physicians, we are better equipped than ever to meet needs of patients with sports injuries. No athlete wants to deal with an injury however in the unfortunate case they do, they now have even better resources to assist them in returning to the field at 100%."