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Pre-Surgery Home Planning

  • Choose someone to be your “Coach”. Your Coach needs to be able to be with you while you are in the hospital and needs to be with you after you return home. Your Coach will also be your “Personal Trainer” to assist you with your exercises and your therapy routine.

  • Arrange for someone to drive you to follow-up appointments and to help with errands during your first weeks following surgery.

  • Arrange for someone to collect your mail or place it on hold at the post office.

  • Pay bills so they are up to date through a few weeks after your return home.

  • If you do not have an Advance Directive, this is a good time to complete one before your surgery. This form will help explain your health care wishes to the health care team and hospital staff. Our Social Services department has the forms for you to complete if needed.

  • It is a good idea to have a pre-surgical dental screen/check-up to maintain healthy oral hygiene.

  • Put a night light in your bedroom, bathroom and hallways.

  • Put frequently used items where they can be reached easily. Set up a “recovery station” with a cordless phone, remote control, medications and everyday essentials.

  • Pick a chair to sit in when you return home. A firm chair with arms and a seat height of at least 18 inches or that allows your feet to be flat on the floor.

  • Place a rubber mat or nonskid adhesive on the floor of the tub or shower.

  • Consider temporary placement of a small pet with a loved one. A pet running around your legs could cause you to fall.

  • Clear walkways making sure they are wide enough for your walker.

  • Remove throw rugs and electrical cords from walking paths that can cause you to trip and fall.

  • Consider preparing and freezing meals in advance that can easily be heated.