Discharge Instructions

You will be given individualized discharge instructions from your nurse and your physical therapist before you are discharged from the hospital.

Your discharge instructions will include:

  • Care of your surgical incision

  • When you will be allowed to get in the shower

  • When your staples will be removed

  • When to continue all of your regular home medications

  • Pain Medication prescription and information

  • DVT prophylaxis or medication to prevent blood clots

  • Signs and symptoms to report to your physician
    • Bright red around your incision
    • Temperature 101 or over
    • Pain unrelieved by pain medications
    • Tenderness or pain in calf
    • Any wound drainage
  • Your exercises will be reviewed with you by your physical therapist

The Nurse Discharge Planner will arrange for your therapy including Outpatient Therapy and any equipment needed for you prior to discharge. Your equipment will be delivered to you in your hospital room and the therapist will check your walker for correct height adjustment.