Day of Surgery

A Total Joint Replacement surgery usually requires 1-2 hours. In addition to time spent in the actual procedure, patients are in the operating room for approximately 45 additional minutes for anesthesia before and the recovery after the operation.

After your surgery you will go to the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU). The nurse and anesthesiologist will monitor your care immediately after surgery. In order to keep your lungs clear, the nurse will encourage you to cough and deep breathe. Your needs for pain medications will be continually addressed throughout the recovery period. You will feel somewhat groggy. You will be in the PACU for 1 to 2 hours. As soon as you are awake and medically stable, you will be transferred to your room in The Sidney A. Bell Joint Center.

Your family should know that you will be in the operating room and Post Anesthesia Care Unit for 5-6 hours. Family members may wait in the surgical waiting room. A family member will be provided with a paging coaster so the Operating Room Staff and your Orthopaedic Surgeon can keep in touch with them. Your Surgeon will talk to your family in a private conference room after your surgery.

When you arrive in your hospital room in The Sidney A. Bell Joint Center your nurse will welcome you to your room. Your nurse will complete a nursing assessment and monitor your vital signs then your nurse will notify your family via their paging coaster of your room number and you are ready for visitors. You and your family will be given an orientation to your room.