Our History

Dr. Sidney A. Bell

Over 35 years ago, Redmond Regional Medical Center (Previously known as Redmond Park Hospital) paved the way for total joint replacement surgery in northwest Georgia. Dr. Sidney A. Bell, a Harbin Clinic Orthopaedic Surgeon, performed the first total joint replacement procedure in the region on August 20, 1974 at Redmond. The procedure was a great success due to the extensive planning and training lead by Dr. Bell.

Our joint program started when Dr. Bell and a team from Redmond traveled to Boston, Massachusetts to study the renowned joint program at Harvard University’s Peter Brent Brigham Hospital. After thorough study, the team brought their findings back to Rome and modeled Redmond’s program after the successful program at Harvard. Our joint team established extensive training including mock-surgeries and infection prevention measures to ensure the success of Redmond’s joint program. At the close of 1974, 14 total hip and knee procedures had been performed with zero infections or dislocations.

Dr. Bell continued his orthopaedic work, providing new life to thousands of patients, over the next 34 years until his retirement in 2008. We now have over ten board certified orthopaedic surgeons on our medical staff and Redmond Regional Medical Center has seen thousands of patients returned to a better life after their total joint surgery.

In 2011, our orthopaedic department underwent an internal relocation and renovation to better meet the needs of the patients of northwest Georgia. A dedicated gym and dining room were added along with special furniture to allow for family members to comfortably stay close. The new unit was named The Sidney A. Bell Joint Center to honor Dr. Bell’s leadership, dedication and passion for orthopedics and love for returning patients to a better life.