Fast Heart Attack Treatment Times

The benefit of prompt treatment for heart attack is now well established. This is best performed by a team of clinicians and physicians who work together on processes to get the patient to the cardiac catheterization lab where coronary intervention (PCI) is expertly performed. Because of the adage that "time is muscle", meaning that delays in treating a heart attack increase the amount of cardiac muscle damage, guidelines recommend a door-to-balloon interval of no more than 90 minutes. The interval starts with the patient's arrival in the emergency department (door), and ends when the blockage is treated (balloon) in the cath lab. Few hospitals can consistently meet the goal. Through a focused initiative which began in 2005, Redmond Regional has embraced the challenge of exceeding national standards of care and is now averaging treatment times under 60 minutes, a full half and hour below National guidelines. Current initiatives expand care provided by our team of EMT’s and the development of processes to get heart attack patients from the scene to the cath lab in 60 minutes or less.