hCare Satisfaction Survey

At which facility do you primarily practice?

Have you received access and training to the new hCare clinical system?
(If No, please answer survey questions based on the clinical systems that you currently use.)

When accessing patient information, what percentage of your time do you use the following formats:

Computerized Systems

Paper Records

How has the implementation of hCare impacted your daily usage/workload?

How would you describe the process for retrieving each of the following types of clinical data in the hCare portal?

Data Type Very Easy Easy Neutral Difficult Very Difficult N/A
Lab Results
H&Ps, Consultations, other text
Radiology/Imaging Results
Cardiology reports/waveforms
Obstetrical records/waveforms
Vital Signs and I&Os
Medication profiles
Allergy Information

How would you describe the processes of navigating within the hCare system?

How often do you currently access clinical systems remotely (from your office or home)?

How would you describe the new, simplified processes for remotely accessing clinical systems?

How did the training that was provided prepare you for using the hCare systems?

How would you rate the support that has been provided for the hCare system?

How would you rate the clinical system offerings at this facility to those offered at other area facilities?

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