Medication Log

No matter your age or condition, it is important that you know what medicines you take and why you take them. Redmond’s Medication Log will help keep track of why, when and what you are taking. Bring this list and your medicines to every appointment so that your medical team can take the best care of you.  Download the Medication Log (Excel file .xls)

1. To complete your log you will need:

  • To download the attached form and either print it if you plan to keep it updated by hand or save it to your computer if you are going to keep it updated electronically
  • All of your prescription medicine bottles
  • All of your over-the-counter medicines, herbals, vitamins, antacids, aspirin
  • Medication Log

2. Fill in your name and list your allergies.

3. Begin with your prescription medicines. For each prescription list:

  • Name of the Medicine
  • How much do I take? Dose of medicine; usually listed in milligrams
  • When you take the medicine; for example, morning, noon, evening, night
  • Note if your medicine is to be taken with food or without food
  • Why you take the medicine, what is it for or what does it do for you; for example, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

4. Complete your log on the back and fill in:

  • Your doctor’s name and phone number; be sure to list all the physicians who take care of you.
  • Your pharmacy name and phone number. It is best to use one pharmacy to avoid confusion.
  • List your over-the-counter medicines, herbals, vitamins, antacids, aspirin
  • Vaccines your have received, including your yearly flu shot.

5. Keep this list up-to-date!

  • If it is saved to your computer, come back to it every couple months to update your information. Print additional sheets if you are keeping it by hand if you need more space.

As you fill out this form, you may find you have some questions about your medicines. Your doctor or pharmacist is your Partner in Safety. They will be happy to explain more about your medicines.