Rehabilitation and Therapy Services


As a patient experiencing rehabilitation services at Redmond Regional Medical Center, you will never feel like a "number". We provide individualized testing, evaluation, and therapy procedures based on your unique needs. We sincerely care about your recovery, and we will make every effort to get you back to your old self as quickly as possible.

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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is commonly prescribed to help patients recover strength and mobility after surgical procedures, rehabilitate damaged joints, alleviate pain from chronic conditions, and build strength to prevent further injury. It is often used by physicians to augment surgical or medical treatment of neuro-musculoskeletal conditions. Therapy at Redmond Regional is done by licensed physical therapists trained in a college program to help people return to the greatest level of functioning possible.

Speech and Language Pathology

Redmond Regional Speech and Language Pathologists are professionals certified through the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association who diagnose and treat speech, language, and related disorders including oral motor problems. Speech and language problems may result from hearing loss, brain injury or deterioration, cerebral palsy, stroke, cleft palate, or emotional problems. Our speech and language pathologists teach patients to make sounds, improve their voices, increase their language sk8ills and improve swallowing ability. In addition, our pathologists will provide treatment to eliminate or minimize the effect of difficulties and teach patients strategies to cope with their disorders. At Redmond Regional we recognize the value of speech and language in human relations, and we strive to give each patient his/her highest possible quality level in this area.

Occupational Therapy

Redmond Regional Occupational Therapy is devoted to helping individuals achieve independence. Our therapists customize treatment programs aimed at improving abilities used in daily life. They perform evaluations of patients' home and job environments, make recommendations on equipment necessary for adaption and train patients in the use of the adaptive equipment to replace the loss of some function.

Cardiac Rehab

Cardiac Rehab is a specialized nursing service for people who have undergone heart attack, open heart surgery, valve replacement, cardiac stenting or angioplasty. At Redmond, we offer two phases of Cardiac Rehab. Phase I is performed while still in the hospital to help get you moving and ready to go home. Phase II is an outpatient program designed to help you regain your endurance, confidence and health back.

Industrial Rehabilitation

At the Redmond Regional Physical Therapy Center, we are highly dedicated to our Industrial Rehabilitation Program because we know how important it is for individuals to return to work as soon as possible after an injury. Our extensive Industrial Rehabilitation Program is designed to not only offer workers the best quality of care and a speedy return to their jobs, but also to make the process less costly and more efficient for employers, insurance carriers, case managers, and physicians. We offer Functional Capacity Evaluations, Job-Site Analysis, Safety Prevention Programs, Post-Offer/Pre-Employment Screening, and a Work Hardening program focused on job-specific activities and supported by strength training and conditioning activities to improve workplace tolerance. Your convenience is a top priority to us, and we offer prompt appointments to fit all varieties of schedules at our easily accessible location on Shorter Avenue.

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