Worksite Response Program

In response to our clients request, Redmond Occupational Health(ROH) offers an after hours, on-call, on-site “Worksite Response Program!  The goals of the Worksite Response Program are to provide evaluation and care of workplace injuries at the worksite Monday thru Friday after hours: 7pm – 7am and on weekends 24/7.  In other words, our team of Worksite Responders is available to provide:

1. Rapid Response Onsite

2. Treatment per protocol

3. Drug Screening & Breath Alcohol Testing

4. Return to work vs. Transport to hospital

5. Custom report

                                    A.  Injury Management for tracking purposes

                                    B.  Tracking and follow up with company

                                                a. Referrals

                                                b. Return to work status

The Worksite Response Program has proven benefits:

  • Improves management and control of workplace injuries
  • Reduces Workers’ Compensation costs
  • Reduces unnecessary ER visits and cost associated
  • Provides Onsite drug screening and BATs reducing employees and supervisors time away from the worksite

Redmond Worksite Responders are Registered Nurses, EMTs, or Paramedics, trained in First Aid, CPR, AED, Blood Borne Pathogenes, Drug Testing, Breath Alcohol Testing and are First Responder Trained. 

When an employer contracts with Redmond for the Worksite Response Program, your supervisor’s will also be trained in determining medical condition of work-site injuries:  catastrophic or non-catastrophic.  If catastrophic, they will be trained to call 911 immediately.  If non-catastrophic, they will call Worksite Response at 706-295-2000 for treatment on-site.  They will also be trained to answer our standard dispatch questions.

There is no annual or monthly fee for the ROH’s Worksite Response Program.  Clients are invoiced for a fee per usage based on three Levels of Care per incident:

Level  I:  First Aid
Level II:  Medical Treatment with without transfer to medical facility via non-emergency transport.
Level III:  Transfer to ER via Redmond EMS Ambulance

The only fee other than the level of care fee is the standard Drug Screen and BAT fees.

The ultimate goal of the Worksite Response Program is to return your injured or ill employee back to the greatest capability, function or best outcome possible in the most cost effective manner.

For additional information or to sign-up for Redmond’s Worksite Response Program, contact Connie Barris, 706-290-8005,