Workers' Compensation & Injury Management

Injury Manager Coordinator - Liaison between healthcare provider and employer and oversees the Worker’s Comp program.

  • Partnership with Redmond's emergency department which is open 24/7.
  • Seven Redmond Family Care Centers in four NW Georgia counties.
  • Follow-up care provided at the Family Care Centers.
  • Evaluation, treatment and specialty referrals of work related injuries or illness
  • Worksite Assessment
  • Seeking timely referrals for diagnosis, specialists or therapies
  • Effectively communicate with the employer and patient

Questions?  Contact our Clinical Coordinator at 706-290-8005.

Redmond Occupational Health(ROH)  Injury Management Services

ROH Network of Providers have been certified through the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation Medical Providers program (MPWCP). The Redmond Family Care Centers are available from 8:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m., Monday thru Friday, Saturday 8:00am – 1:00pm and Sunday 12noon – 6:00pm. ROH provides a 24-hour network via Redmond Regional Medical Center using protocols developed to keep employees on the job.

Injury Management Program

ROH works with the injured worker and his/her employer to treat injuries, educate them in injury prevention and return them to productive employment. ROH providers are knowledgeable in initial injury treatment, and assist the employer in providing modified duty work programs. Our Injury Management Program provides communication, tracking and monitoring of each case.   ROH’s staff are also certified MPWCP.  Case managers keep close contact with the employers and providers to control medical claims costs.

Workers' Compensation Injury Management Program

  • Physician Initial and Follow-up Visits
    • The providers complete ROH’s Return To Work form for each visit which is faxed to the company.  Special needs or issues will be communicated by phone to the Company contact.  This form documents the patient sign in and sign out times.
    • Please note, thru Injury Management the Physician is always available to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have.
  • Rehabilitation Visits
    • The status of each visit will be faxed to the Company contact. This form documents the time in and time out.
  • Notification of No Shows and Cancellations
    • All injured employee no shows or cancellations of appointments are sent via fax to the Company contact on the day of the missed appointment.  
    • After five (5) business days, if the injured employee has not been seen or the visit has not been rescheduled, we will contact the Company Contact via phone to discuss the case.
  • Referrals
    • If an injured employee requires an outside referral, we will notify the Company contact for approval prior to making this referral and coordinate with the Insurance Carrier as well.
    • After the referral and appointment have been made, we will follow up with the referral source and notify the Company contact of the findings.
  • Ongoing Treatment
    • The National average for acute work related injuries is four primary care physician visits and six rehabilitation visits. To adhere to this benchmark, we have developed a protocol to help you manage cases more efficiently and effectively.
    • If an injured employee exceeds the 4th physician visit or 6th rehabilitation visit, the chart will be reviewed by Injury Management and ROH will conduct an in-depth case review regarding the status. Information related to this review will be provided via our medical note and/or phone call to the Company contact. This may include but not limited to, referral for diagnostic testing, referral to outside Physician for evaluation, and/or future physician and rehabilitation visits.

For any and all case management needs, please contact Clinical Coordinator at 706-290-8005.