On-site Nurse Program

Redmond Occupational Health (ROH) is committed to helping employers care for their greatest assets-- their employees.  ROH provides on-site health services on a full or part time basis to business and industries.  On-site health services are customized based on your business-specific needs, goals, and regulatory requirements. 

On-site nurses are supported by highly knowledgeable and experienced team of occupational health professionals including an R.N. Manager certified in Occupational Health Nursing and a Medical Director who is Occupational Medicine Board certified.  As part of Redmond Regional Medical Center, ROH nurses have one of the most trusted health care systems in the area behind them. 

By having an on-site nurse, employers make it clear to employees that their health and safety are priority.  This is just one of the many expected benefits of having an ROH on-site nurse.  Others include:

  • increased productivity
  • reduce absenteeism
  • reduced incidence of injuries and illnesses
  • increased health promotion and prevention
  • reduced healthcare cost

To learn more about these or other services Redmond Occupational Health can provide to transform your current program, call 706-290-8012 or email.