Health Awareness & Wellness Program

Redmond Occupational Health (ROH) is an experienced, qualified healthcare provider with a proven track record.  We can assist your company with maintaining and /or enhancing the health status of your employees by providing a quality worksite health/wellness program customized to meet your employees and company’s expectations and needs and improve your return on investment (ROI).

Health & Wellness Program  options:

  • Health/Wellness Screenings
    • Health Screenings/Events may be provided annually or regularly scheduled monthly and may include:
  • Annual Health Events
    • Labs
    • Clinical screenings
  • Health Risk Assessments (HRA)
    • Employee Health Risk Report
    •  Health Professional Consults to review HRA results
    • Corporate Summary and Multi-Year Trends Analysis
  • Angioscreens –6 minute Screening for risk of stroke or heart disease (link to our AngioScreen page)
  • Educational presentations  & classes: 
    • Yearly Wellness Programs
    • Lunch ‘n Learns
    • Cardiac,  Diabetes and Health Risk Reduction Programs

For complete list of programs click here.

  • Health Coach or Onsite Health Nurse
  • Follow-up on high risk employees throughout the year
  • Company & Employee Surveys
  • Vaccines
  • Industrial Rehab. Physical assessment, safety & fitness programs (link to Redmond Industrial Rehab’s page)

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