DOT Drug and Alcohol Program

Redmond Occupational Health provides a DOT Drug and Alcohol Program that meets the DOT Code of Federal Regulations Title 49, Part 40 standard. We offer DOT Breath Alcohol Testing, urine drug screening including MRO/Confirmation or collection only as well as quarterly Random Selection of employees to be tested to comply with the standard.

DOT Physical

Federal Motor Carriers (US Department of Transportation) Safety Regulation 49 CFR Part 391 Subpart E, 391.43 Physical Qualifications and Examination requires that medical examiners be knowledgeable of the specific physical and mental demands associated with operating a commercial motor vehicle. The physician must also be knowledgeable in the medical regulatory criteria prepared by the FHWA as guidelines to aid the medical examiner in making the qualification determination.

All Redmond Family Care Center physicians follow the specific DOT medical criteria guidelines and utilize the DOT Physical Examination form. They also provide the medical examiner’s certificate for each participant in accordance with the regulation.

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Please reference the Qualifications of Drivers - Part 391 of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations for specific testing and requirements.


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