Cardiac Clinical Trials and Research

Only one hospital in northwest Georgia  offers cardiac patients access to comprehensive, clinical  research opportunities.  Redmond Regional Medical Center has begun a unique collaborative partnership with the renowned Harbin Clinic cardiologists and the world-class Sarah Cannon Research Institute.   Redmond Regional patients have the exclusive opportunity to participate in ground-breaking new medical device and pharmaceutical trials. 

Based on individual circumstances and the treatment options available, you may be eligible to participate in one of these cutting edge studies.  Your physician and members of the research team will review your case and determine if any enrolling studies may be suitable.  Following physician discussion, detailed explanation of the study, and review of your rights and obligations as a participant, you will be given the opportunity to choose to participate or proceed with usual treatment methods. 

At Redmond Regional Medical Center, you have the opportunity to become part of the pioneering development of advanced medical technologies and treatments that may save lives and improve the quality of others.

For more information on Cardiac Clinical Trials and Research, call Redmond’s Research Department at 706-802-3139.